In 1994 I made my first silkscreen and ever since I have a close relationship with my screenprinter. The demands are high! I absolutely do not want any help from either computer, printer or any other machine. Everything must be printed manually. Print after print, sometimes 20 colours and each colour separately. The circulation of my silkscreens is getting smaller and smaller and therefore more exclusive.
Twiga twiga Best friends Let's party Twiga Sunshine Moonlight
Tropical birds Loving you Free spirit Enjoy, enjoy Sparkling survivor Destination love
Soulsensation Soultribe Chill out Sealovers Dance Peace
A perfect try Flying indian One step closer The age of innocence 6 The age of innocence 5 The age of innocence 3
The age of innocence 1 Finally free Taking care Fishing in deep water Wearing my own color Woodstock
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