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For rent: Villa Naerebout,
a colourful holiday residence
in the Flower Riviera Italy

Villa Naerebout

Apricale is an attraction in itself! The old town dates from the Middle Ages, but has been kept in good condition, now under the strict and strict supervision of the mayor, who has been in charge for more than 18 years. Everything has been rebuilt as responsibly as possible, so the town has retained its historic character. Apricale is pure! At approximately 300 meters altitude and 14 km from the coast you have everything at hand.

Villa Naerebout

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Do you want to make a booking or do you want extra information, please email to info@naerebout.nl or call us during office hours on 0031 (0)6 538 170 61.

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Paardeweide 28
4824 EH Breda
The Netherlands
Telephone 0031 (0)6 538 170 61

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