Participant Venice Biennale, Personal Structures 

At the Venice Biennale, Naerebout’s wall sculpture was part of the exhibition of “Personal Structures”, Palazzo Mora.

Recorded permanent collection of Museum Musiom, Amersfoort

Musiom is a new museum, based in Amersfoort, and offers a platform to artists born around the 1950s who have gained national and international recognition since the 1980s. The work of these artists could already be admired in the galleries and at the famous art fairs.

Naerebout in action!

Naerebout in action!

A quick look in the kitchen of Naerebout … If you want to know more after seeing the video, please contact me.

Naerebout nominated for the National TV Success Award!

Naerebout nominated for the National TV Success Award!

Naerebout guest in the TV program “De Succes Factor”. During the recordings, a look behind the scenes was taken in the studio, showing how Marianne passionately creates her works of art. A nice movie to get inspired by.

Jun 01
Oct 01
1 October 2023 - 29 September


I sculpt my sculptures and once the shape has been determined and the whole completely meets my expectations, the design is treated in a special way. Every mosaic and painted sculpture in this material is unique. There is no edition, no mold, nothing. After the treatment I make the drawing on the basic design followed by the party, the colour! The sculptures can be subdivided into ‘mosaic’, ‘painted’ or ‘perspex’.


My paintings are my life story. They show my development, from abstract, busy, to ever quieter. The need for colour is always visible, a clear sign of my hand. Because of the many trips, acrylic paint is a wonderful tool because it dries quickly. I know in every country where I painted it and that has become my logbook. The frame work is a profession apart. So many possibilities and tastes, I like to advise myself on that.


In 1994 I made my first silkscreen and since then I have a close relationship with my regular silkscreen printing. The requirements are high! For example, I do not want any help from computers, printers or other machines when making my silkscreen. Everything must be manually printed. Printing after printing, sometimes 20 colours and each colour separately. The number of my silkscreens is getting smaller and therefore more exclusive.


Working on various art projects is very enjoyable. An application from private individuals or companies is always a challenge. An exchange of ideas, feeling, colour and form. A great result is a compliment at work and the commitment of all those involved in these special projects. For example, I worked on various art projects with Boertiengroep, Holland Media Group, FNV Bondgenoten, KPN, ABN-AMRO, Terre des Hommes, World Wildlife Fund, Royal Shell, Rabobank and Ronald McDonald.

Art, the log of my life

It gives me great pleasure to share my art with as many colour lovers as possible. Your smile makes the world a beautiful place to live and create.

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