Delivery and delivery time

Orders are of course delivered as quickly as possible. The agreed delivery times only serve as an indication and never as a deadline. The seller may state further information about delivery times on the website or otherwise make it known in writing or orally. Such information is only of an indicative nature. Even in the event of deviations from the delivery period, for whatever reason, the buyer is obliged to accept the purchased item. In the event of late delivery, the buyer will notify the seller by registered letter and grant him a reasonable period of at least 14 working days to still fulfill the delivery. Only if the seller also fails to deliver within that reasonable period, the buyer has the right to dissolve the agreement without the seller being obliged to compensate for any damage. Any contractual penalty explicitly stated that the delivery period has been exceeded is not due if the excess is the result of force majeure.

Deliveries take place at the address specified by the buyer during the conclusion of the agreement. All this will be made known to the Buyer in time. The seller takes care of delivery by post or in any other way at the seller’s option. Delivery by post or dispatch in any other way only takes place after the payment for the products to be delivered has been received by the seller. The seller is entitled to deliver the delivery in parts. The additional costs of the subsequent delivery will be borne by the seller. For deliveries abroad, different conditions may apply.

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