Marianne Y. Naerebout

Life gives such an inspiration. Such as my theme: “Circle of life”.
This theme shows in my artworks a lot, if not all the time.
It started when I was little, at the Caribbean Sea, where we lived.I felt the waves dancing over my feet as I was standing at the seashore.Overlooking the water, into the air and back to the sand. A perfect Circle of Life.

That’s how the 4 elements starting to impress me.

Earth, water, air and fire. Knowing that I call my colors Fire. Colours are my passion. Inspired by the 4 elements I create up till today and till the end of days, my world of colors.

Every moment of life has it’s beauty, in its weakness and in it’s strength.

The art of living is to learn to embrace the days of prosperity and the days of adversity.

Place and time will show me the way

The search for colour will always continue. That is why my life is a series of journeys. And that makes my life a beautiful tropical grid. the place and the time will show me the way.

“There are no borders … not between countries, colour, feeling and experience, everything has become unlimited”. This finding allows more and more positivity and life force in my work.

Love and future

The day of tomorrow will tell the future and love will show me the way.



…… With love for each other ……….

-Protective lady from Art Buddies (the Netherlands). This foundation helps people with a disability “go out” with a buddy in the arts.
– At the Karibu Foundation, I take a seat on the Recommendation Committee. They are committed to the welfare of street children in Rwanda.
-Is M. Rik Felderhof published the silkscreen print “A great expectation” for the Sibusiso Foundation in Tanzania. Sibusiso provides internal training for the parent (s) of children with intellectual disabilities.
-In 2011 my brother and I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with a group of friends for the Florentina Foundation, who, among other things, set up a school for Masai children in Arusha.
-I work with the Energy4all Foundation on art objects that are auctioned to enable further research into the treatment of children with the metabolic disease.
-Ambassadrice from Stichting DOG in Curacao, initiative of Djoeke Giliam takes care of the situation of stray dogs.

Together we colour  the world.


Art, the log of my life

It gives me great pleasure to share my art with as many colour lovers as possible. Your smile makes the world a beautiful place to live and create.

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