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Marianne Naerebout – A world of dreams

Party Time, Lucky Love, Happy Few… titles that hint at the sort of dazzlingly upbeat work produced by the astonishingly talented Dutch artist Marianne Y. Naerebout. There is a universal appetite for Marianne’s work with het paintings and sculptures snapped up by private, corporate and museum collectors and exhibitors in prestigious locations worldwide.

See you in Zanzibar

Marianne Naerebout lives on in colour. Her images and paintings show her inner world, a chain of earth, water, air and fire. A representation of a life on four continents too. All this comes together in the blistering culture of magical Zanzibar, the ‘island of the black people’ according to the Arabs.

Painting and travel the world

Colours force themselves, restrained or not, from all sides. They splash from the paintings and art objects. Orange and purple bowls stand on the counter next to a red sugar bowl by Alessi. Even the coffee cups and napkins are brightly coloured. And of course Marianne Naerebout herself, who in her shirt with Native American print, fringes and mirrors and her long, dark ponytail is the most reminiscent of a radiant Pocahontas. Pocahontas, just ended up in the gray Dutch polder…

Art, the log of my life

It gives me great pleasure to share my art with as many colour lovers as possible. Your smile makes the world a beautiful place to live and create.

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