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Dreamcatchers Art with a Heart, Tanzania

Tanzania is a country I love to travel to, with all it’s culture, colourful people, tribes, landscapes and amazing wildlife. One night there was a fire at the Masai Market in Arusha, no one was hurt, but the mental and commercial damage was bad.  So sad to see there was no merchandise left, no work and therefore no income. From here the idea was landed to start making something new and colorful to sell all over. I started buying beads with the Masai ladies from the market and designed my so called Dreamcatchers. The start of a project named “Art with a heart”. The Dreamcatchers are unique pieces and  sold to create an income for the Masai ladies.  

Art, the log of my life

It gives me great pleasure to share my art with as many colour lovers as possible. Your smile makes the world a beautiful place to live and create.

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